Key Industrial Areas | Industrial Malaysia
Exploring the Underrated Gem of Kinrara Industrial Park
Kinrara Industrial Park has hidden gems that could be valuable. Discover the opportunities available at this industrial park and why it's a great investment.
An Inside Look of Mah Sing Integrated Industrial Park
Learn about the features of the Mah Sing Integrated Industrial Park, including its comprehensive infrastructure & facilities. Get all your information here!
Discover the New Possibilities at Welloyd Industrial Park
Learn about the opportunities, facilities, and advantages associated with one of Malaysia's leading industrial parks. Unlock your business' potential today!
Explore the Potential of Sungai Kapar Indah Industrial Park
Discover all the industrial advantages made available to you from Sungai Kapar Indah Industrial Park. Learn more about this hub for business growth today!
Professional Business Opportunities in Kapar Industrial Park
Uncover the business opportunities in Kapar Industrial Park. With industrial spaces, warehouses, and amenities served by leading infrastructure providers.
Meru Industrial Park: Invest in a Promising Future
Discover the potential of Meru Industrial Park and explore why it's a promising investment opportunity. Learn about its facilities, benefits, and location.
The Thriving Industries of Batu Kawan Industrial Park
Looking to expand your manufacturing facility? Learn about the industrial ecosystem at Batu Kawan that is helping industries in Malaysia grow and thrive.
The Dynamic Transformation of Bayan Lepas Industrial Park
Looking to expand your industrial business in Malaysia? Discover the secrets behind Bayan Lepas Industrial Park's transformation and take action today!
Puchong- strategic business hub and industrial parks
Puchong is a rapidly growing city located in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. Over the past few years, the city has been witnessing a massive transformation and growth, especially in terms of industrial park development. With its strategic location and robust infrastructure, Puchong has become a sought-after hub for industries and businesses, attracting investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.
City of Elmina- mature township with excellent infrastructure
City of Elmina was developed and completed in 2019. The township is built on the site of the former Kuala Lumpur Rubber Research Institute, which was established in 1925. The area was then known as Elmina Estate, named after the wife of the founder of Kuala Lumpur, Sir Frank Swettenham. Sime Darby Property transformed the old rubber plantation into a vibrant and modern integrated township, complete with residential, commercial, and educational developments. 
Meru- Thriving with glove, steel and electronic manufacturing industry
There are top 3 key industries in Meru, including glove, steel and electronic manufacturing. Companies from these 3 industries establish their presence in the industrials parks, including ETP Meru Industrial Park, Nouvelle Industrial Park, Meru Technology Park and Welloyd Industrial Park.
Kapar- the backbone of automobile industries
There are many industrial parks in Kapar, including Excellent Technology Park 3, Kapar Bestari Industrial Park, K International Industrial Park Kapar 2 and LCH Industrial Park@Kapar.