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Turn exclusive, high-quality buyers’ and tenants’ statistics into sales success

Industrial Malaysia is proud to share curated industrial property buyers’ and tenants’ analytics with its agents so that they can capitalise  to sell successfully

Know what your interests your buyers

With the buyer and tenant facts we’ve collected, our IM Analytics tool enables industrial property specialists to dive buyers’ interests, behaviour and psychology.
Turn data into a marketing advantage

Our specialists can leverage buyers’ data to easily locate prospects and determine which marketing channels they come from—and then market to them with data-backed listings.
Target valuable buyers

Our specialists are well-equipped to target high-end buyers who demand to be persuaded with exclusive information and engaging marketing content. They can develop high-quality sales opportunities in their specialised area.
We invite industrial real estate agents.

Advertise with Industrial Malaysia today to enjoy exclusive factory and warehouse listings in the area that you specialise in.

No duplicate listings

Industrial Malaysia does not force agents to outbid each other by paying more for premium listings. Because we are dedicated to having one agent for one location, every listing you provide becomes a premium listing.
Specialised in industrial properties

We are experts in the industrial property market, and our platform caters to this niche. Our agents can avoid listing alongside residential properties and focus on what they do best: Selling or renting out warehouses and factories. They can also network and collaborate with other area specialists.
Easily connect with qualified leads

We understand industrial property clients. Industrial Malaysia focuses on informing and attracting qualified leads that are well-positioned to buy or rent industrial properties.

Turn industrial property data analytics into effective sales and marketing
Industrial Malaysia helps industrial real estate agents to conduct a comparative and competitor analysis.

More than just an ad

Selling industrial properties is both a science and an art; just posting a listing with pictures and words won’t work. With IM Analytics we help industrial real agents translate industrial property data into meaningful information.

Data-driven persuasion for owners

We help industrial real estate agents to inform owners on the feasibility of their selling price based on the best available data. Real estate agents will have infomation on past and present transactional records, including location data and selling frequency.
Offering information to owners to make meaningful decisions

As industrial property is unique, you need to merge hard-to-get data on affinity categories , data on in market segments and transaction data to accurately attract leads. 

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