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Invest in Johor: Great Industrial Investment Opportunities

Invest in Johor: Great Industrial Investment Opportunities

Southern Gateway of Malaysia


Known as the second largest state of Malaysia, Johor is one of the most developed states in the nation. The growing industrialisation and diversification of its economy base has contributed to its rapid development.


Johor state government has remained steadfast in ensuring the state stability, competitiveness and highly conductive business environment to attract international potential investors.


Track Record


RM131 billion (GDP 2021)

2.4 % GDP growth (2021)

8.6% Share of National GDP

RM60.9 billion Investment 


Why You Should Invest in Johor?


It may be a lesser-known destination but there are many investment opportunities to invest that offer amazing returns. With a strategic location, vibrant cities, and modern amenities, Johor is set to become one of the leading one stop centre for industrial activities in Southeast Asia.


In this section, we'll explore why investing in Johor is such a smart move. From uncovering its many benefits to examining its key players: come along with us on this journey as we further investigate why you should invest in Johor.


Pro business government


With a very stable and pro business government, the Johor state has gained the most investment in Malaysia since 2010.


Low cost of doing business


Johor is competitive as the cost of doing business in Johor is 30% lower in Kuala Lumpur and 60% lower in Singapore.


Home to two economic corridors


Malaysia has five economic corridors and Johor has two economic corridors including Iskandar Malaysia and the East Coast Economic Region.


Well connected infrastructure


There are 2 major seaports to dock and transfer cargo smoothly such as Johor Port in Pasir Gudang and Port of Tanjung Pelepas. Besides, Johor also has a well known accessible airport namely Senai International Airport.


Robust Industrial Development


Johor is home to many multinational and international companies, such as Petronas, MAERSK, Lotte Chemical, Dyson, Hershey, Iskandar Malaysia Studio, Legoland Malaysia Resort.


There are some well known industrial parks in Johor, namely Frontier Industrial Park, Indahpura Industrial Park, Alam Jaya Business Park and M-Park Premium Industrial Park.


Productive Workforce


Johor has a multilingual talent pool that is proficient in English, Mandarin, Tamil, Japanese and Korean. There are more than 10 universities and colleges in Johor that offers a vibrant and skilled community. 


World class infrastructure


Johor is well connected to major highways including Plus Expressway, North South Expressway.


Johor has spearheaded the development of Sedenak Technology Valley to attract high value industry clusters such as data centers, logistics & warehousing, advanced electrical & electronic, medical device & manufacturing, and green renewable energy players to establish their presence in Johor.


Maximising Profit by Investing in Johor With Industrial Malaysia


With its southern location, well-developed seaports and airports, talented workforce, and competitive costs of living & doing business, Johor has a lot to offer investors. If you're looking for an up-and-coming destination to invest in industrial property, Johor should be at the top of your list.


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