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Industrial property is always overlooked and often shunned away due to many complexities. Common properties such as condominiums and apartment units are always favoured by agents. Still, there are far more advantages in dealing with industrial properties. Let us explore why.

  1. High Transaction Value
    The size and scarcity of industrial properties cause higher value transactions. Rentals could go up to RM 250,000.00 per month with sales able to hit the RM20 million mark. No one can deny that industrial property will get you a huge commission for your sale.
  2. Limited “Good” Units Available For Sale / Rent
    Industrial property units have only 1.8% of the property market by activity pie. (Source: National Property Information Centre (NAPIC) 2018). If you get the specifications correct for the client, you can sell or rent the property in the shortest time. This of course, is due to limited units and increasing demand.
  3. Rationality And Functionality Of Space For Clients
    Residential property seekers often depend on emotional and spiritual connections with the property. Clients looking for industrial property, base their decisions on their functionality and specifications. Especially for their space and their logistical needs. Provide the right answers to the client’s questions, and you get the sale.
  4. The Loyalty Factor
    Few agents are capable of locating and sourcing the correct units for their clients. Attempt to achieve a clear insight and understand what suits their needs. The client will definitely develop a trustworthy business relationship with you.
  5. Clients Will Respond To Agent's Hard Work
    Max commission for industrial property units is up to 3% for a sale transaction. Also, 1.25 months for rental of three years and more. (Source: 7th Schedule of the Board of Valuers, Estate Agents and Property Managers). The money is there, though it can take you six months to few years to close the deal.

Meet the client’s expectations, and share your insights with them. Be their solution, and you will get your full commission value, as you create value for your clients.

Wait a minute! With opportunities, there are always challenges…
  1. Develop Distinctive Insight
    You must know industrial factories inside, outside and in full depth. This includes the size, electrical power, current capacity, etc. to suit your client’s business operations. The factory output or warehouse storage must meet their demands.
  2. Have Courage To Compete
    There are already expert agents dealing with industrial property. They will even have insider information about companies and history of key areas. They may attempt to hijack your listings.
    Avoid complacency and always focus. Guard your listings, and do your best to ensure you know your units more than anyone else.
  3. The Need For Constant Change
    As the real estate industry relates to economic climate, you may get nothing in return for all the hard work. Economic situations or management changes could influence the outcome of a sale.
    Know the client’s questions before they ask, and ensure you already have the answers. Know the company, their purposeful needs and their direction. A property consistent with their company vision and mission, is a property for long term.

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